NaNoWriMo 2015 Odds and ends is Officially Apart!!!

I did it!  It’s apart!

It was honestly a huge undertaking to dismantle Odds and Ends.  On Word, Odds and Ends is 86 pages long and largely stream of consciousness.  I tried to keep it as organized as possible as I was writing it, but that didn’t happen super well (particularly at the end where I tended to ramble on about totally random things because I needed the word count).

So now that it’s apart, I’m going to need to consolidate all the notes I have on Faeriia on Google Drive.  That’s going to involve reading everything that I have (both from Odds and Ends and from the old notes I already have written) and organizing it.

A big thanks to my brother, for agreeing to go out tonight to a coffee shop for a writing party – I don’t know if I would have gotten this done today if we hadn’t gone out.  🙂


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