My NaNoWriMo blob is done!  According to the official word count, I wrote 50,499 words this month, averaging 1,683 a day.  I know it’s a little after midnight, so I could keep writing this afternoon.  But the end of this has been a bit of a struggle, so I’m just going to leave it here, just over the winning mark.

I’ll have to print it off and organize it soon.  But my immediate plans for the future are to read and get to all those things I’ve pushed to the side this month.  Like taking photos off of my camera from Halloween and visiting blogs!  🙂

So congratulations to all the people who are crossing the NaNoWriMo finish line today.  And congratulations to all the people who participated this month, even if you didn’t make it over the finish line.  Your story may take longer than a month to write, but you’ve given it a start.  And the world is a richer place with that story growing in it.  🙂


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