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Update – Lots of Reading + Language Learning

Apologies for no post last week; I was on vacation from work and forgot. 😦

Over the last few weeks I haven’t really done any writing; I’ve been trying to read a whole bunch of Massey Lectures for an upcoming @ Your Library article I’m planning on writing for work (that’s the column the library I work at publishes in the local paper).  I’m hoping to get through another two more Massey Lectures (and in a perfect world I’ll have time to reread A Short History of Progress, but realistically that won’t be happening before the article is due).  Wish me luck!

I’ve also been continuing with the language learning, both Ukrainian and French.  I signed up for iTalki and had my first lesson in Ukrainian last week; I really liked the teacher and have another lesson booked for this weekend. 🙂  Right now I’m only planning on booking Ukrainian lessons on iTalki since there’s still a lot more French to learn on Duolingo…maybe once I eventually get to the end of the Duolingo French tree then I’ll try French on iTalki too (lol but that’s a looong way off from now).

So how have you been over the last few weeks?  What’s new and exciting?  🙂


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#WriteFriday – October 2nd

I was working all day on Friday, and then I had plans to hang out with a friend.  So I didn’t end up working on any personal projects on that day.  But I did get to spend a bunch of time writing during work.  I was starting to work on an article that’ll be due at the end of the month.  I was also working on organizing some interviews for TBPL Off the Shelf (I’m once again interviewing the authors who are coming to Thunder Bay for the IFOA), plus I have to have a book review written early this week, and I have two more articles due at the end of the month.  I’ve also got two articles that were/will be published (something in the Seniors paper, because the library columnist who usually writes the column is going to be away a lot this fall, plus an @ Your Library article which should be published in Sunday’s paper).  So the whole month should be quite busy with work writing.

On the projects front, I wrote “Just One More Level” for Apocalypse Madness Tuesday night and published it on the blog Wednesday afternoon.  I’m considering NaNoWriMo again this year.  I haven’t participated for the last couple of years.  I’ve kind of said (not on this blog I don’t think), that I’m not going to participate again because I currently have two messes of novels that I’m not sure what to do with.  But while thinking of it, I realized that I don’t have to write a particular body of work that equals 50,000 words.  I just need to write 50,000 words.  So I was thinking I would do some work on what I’ve been calling the Grief Project, which is one of my goals that I have not done any work on so far.  I’m not even sure how big of a story that’s going to end up, so I don’t want to commit to making it a 50,000 word novel.  I’ll also have to write something for Apocalypse Madness next month, so I was thinking I’d tack on the word count for that as well.  And probably any work I do on Tears of the King if I’m working on it (I may put it aside just for November, but we’ll see).

My friend and I finished Secret of Mana on the Wii Friday night!  I played it by myself around September 11th, but he offered to help me play through it after that, which I thought was great.  We’ve played it about once a week for the last few weeks.  I thought we *might* be able to finish it last week, but there’s quite a lot to the game and we had to hold off because it was 5 in the morning.    I think that was my first real video game RPG that I’ve finished, or at least my first old-school one.  I was looking at it from a game design perspective, seeing what I can learn to help me make Tears.  I need to choose another game to play now; I’m thinking either Chrono Trigger on the Wii or Whisper of a Rose on Steam.  I’m swaying towards Whisper of a Rose because I think it was made with RPG Maker.  Unfortunately most of the RPGs I’m looking at are single player, so my friend won’t be able to help me through them, too (so we’re going to find something else to play through eventually).

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#WriteFriday – June 5th

So yesterday got a bit messed up.  My plan was to write all afternoon, then head out during the evening to visit with family.  Unfortunately I got called in to work during the afternoon, which left very little time for writing.

Luckily at work I have a few writing projects on the go.  I’ve got an @ Your Library article due for the end of the month, so I managed to do some work on a first draft of that yesterday.  I’m also going to be posting the seventeenth author interview on TBPL Off the Shelf next week, so I need to finish that up.  I did manage to do some work on that both on Thursday and today.  Hopefully I’ll get both of those projects done soon!  It helps that I’m working everyday until Tuesday; with luck I’ll have more time to work on both of those, as well as author interview number eighteen!

On the more personal note, just before I went to bed last night, I did some work on my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel.  I’m not entirely sure what prompted me to work on that, but I’m glad I did.  I ended up spending about a half hour or an hour coming up with better names for a few characters.  At the end of the night, I was quite happy with what I had.

I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have during this coming weekend for writing either, but hopefully I’ll have a bit more time (and can get back to my StoryNexus game!)

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Article #25!

This weekend, my 25th article was published!  It’s my 24th @ Your Library Article (formerly Library Detective) article.  Back in January, the library changed both the name of the newspaper column and its function: rather than just writing about whatever we want to, each month, where possible, there should be one article on a library collection, one on a service, one on a program or event, and one on a patron’s feedback.

For this article, I decided to write about TBPL‘s partnership with Ohm Base, a local hackerspace which was losing its space.  I was actually hanging out with friends who are part of Ohm Base when they were talking about losing their space; this was around the same time that the library was beginning to look for partnerships with local organizations, so the timing ended up perfect for everyone!  Over half a year later, the makerspace is open but still a work in progress.  Ohm Base ran their first program at the end of April, so now seemed like an excellent time to talk about them for @ Your Library.

Now, typically I’ve been writing @ Your Library articles like an essay, using the structure of “tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”  That works really well when talking about books, like I’ve normally been doing.  Or when highlighting TBPL Off the Shelf (my 23rd article, which was the first one I wrote when we switched to @ Your Library) and our  March Break programs (my 24th article).  But for this article, I wanted to do something differently: I wanted to write it as a legitimate newspaper article, complete with quotes from the people who are setting everything up.  To my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has done this in the column, so I thought that was really cool (although it’s not the first time I’ve tried something new in the column – I failed to write about it here, but I’m also the first one to publish an article in two parts.)

So if you have a chance, give my “makerspace” article a read (and let me know how well I did, writing it using the newspaper article format!)

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