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#WriteTuesday – Back from Vacation!

Hi everyone – thanks for the birthday wishes last week! 😀

Originally I thought I was going to get some work done last week.  But between my birthday and going away with my family for a few days to the Bluefin, I ended up taking the entire week off.  It was a much needed vacation, but now I’m back and working on some writing once again.  I didn’t get any work done on the Make Your Way story, but yesterday I did get the last few June posts written for Sustainably North, so that was exciting.  I need to get going on the July ones because this month is already half over!

So I just got word that I’m going to be working on a project this fall (I’m not giving any details here until after everything is finalized).  I’m very excited about this opportunity, but now I’ll need to decide on what my priorities are going to be for the rest of the year.  I had a rough plan for up until December, but that will necessarily have to change.  So over the next week I’m going to try to work on that (along with getting the July posts for Sustainably North written); if I have some time, I’ll do some work on the Make Your Way story.  I hate to put it aside for another week, but that might be necessary – we’ll see how things go! I’ll also need to rethink my Sustainably North plan for August; I was thinking of doing a bunch of book reviews, but I’m going to change that, too.  It’s going to be another busy week!

So how about you?  What’s new?  What are your plans for the upcoming week?  🙂


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Writing Update – February 27th

Ok, before I say anything else, I have had the Meta’s theme from Red Vs. Blue, “(When) Your Middle Name is Danger” by Trocadero, stuck in my head all week.  It’s a fantastic piece of music that I’ve listened to quite a bit in the past.  But I recently just re-watched Red Vs. Blue seasons 6-8, and yeah.  Here it is, for anyone who isn’t familiar with it.

So anyway, this week has been a crazy one with me trying desperately to get everything I need to before I’m off on an adventure next week.  My work is sending me on a four day trip to tour the Makerspaces of a nearby city.  I’m really looking forward to it!  🙂

Of course, that meant getting the next interview ready before I go, since I’m trying to run them at the beginning of every month, rather than on the second Wednesday of every month (which it was before – that just happened to be the day when the first one was posted, so I went with it).  But now I’m pretty much at the point where I just need to pack.  I feel bad to be leaving my Merlin (I always do), but he’ll be in good hands while I’m gone.


For the trip, I’m attempting to pack light.  But of course I’ll be bringing a notebook two plus my Kindle.  I’m currently reading Birdie by Tracey Lindberg, but I’m hoping to finish it tonight or tomorrow because I don’t want to bring it with me (it’s my brother’s book plus it’s hard cover).  I want to revise a story I wrote in the NaNoWriMo blob for a writing contest.  Unfortunately it’s nowhere near the 2000 words it needs to be, so it’s going to take a heck of a lot of work.  Including some background work, fleshing out the characters a bit more and whatnot (not the world, since it’s taking place on City of the Dead).  I’m going to take what I have and hopefully do some of that work on my off time while I’m away.

Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, last night was pretty exciting – my friend Scott of Guilty Pleasures Cinema asked me to reprise my role of Death.  I went to his place last night to shoot a few lines (Death was off duty, so I didn’t need all the makeup).  At the end of it all, we were talking about a movie idea he has, throwing some ideas around.  He told me I’ll have to come back so we can actually write some of this up.  So I may be involved in a local movie project in the near future!  🙂

So that’s everything.  Life continues to be busy, but at least for this week it was mostly a good busy.  🙂

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I have been replaying that Youtube link of “(When) Your Name Is Danger” as I’ve been writing this.

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Writing Update – February 21st

I’m rather unexpectedly going to have some more free time in the near future.  I’ve been working in a temporary position at the library since August and that ended on Friday, meaning I’m now back to being a casual employee.  So now’s going to have to be the time for me to get on top of things!

Knowing that last week was my last with weekly guaranteed hours, I made sure as much as possible of my immediate work writing was done.  I interviewed someone for the library’s blog (it’s not a writer this time either!  More on that when the interview goes up in a few weeks).  I submitted my next article, which will be in the paper on March 6th.  Oh, thinking of that, I also had a book review in today’s paper.  🙂  The link isn’t up on TBPL Off the Shelf yet, but it should be there soon.

Of course, rather than work on writing this weekend, I had a big project I was hoping to deal with for my other job.  I got a lot of stuff for that done, but it’s probably going to take me at least a few more days to finish up (if I’m lucky – it’s sort of an ongoing project).  So while this week is going to be devoted to that, I’m also going to make a point of getting back to the NaNoWriMo blob.  I’ve almost got the thing pulled apart, and after playing a bit on Pinterest today I’m eager to finish and get back to writing.  There’s a contest I’d like to enter, so I’d like to get working on a story (or more accurately finishing a story I’ve already got partially written from last year)but I don’t want to deal with that until after the NaNoWriMo blob is apart!

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Writing Update – February 13th

Considering I’m not currently writing on a specific day, I’ve started calling these posts just “Writing Update.”  It may not sound as good but it’s a bit more accurate!

This week has been mainly devoted to work writing.  As I mentioned last week, I get to go on a work trip at the end of the month.  So I’m trying to make sure I’m on top of all the articles I write for work.  Earlier this week I submitted a book review which should be in the local paper on the 21st (although the paper sometimes holds it for the following week, so we’ll see).  I’ve also almost finished an @ Your Library article for March 6th, which is going to give a rundown of all the March Break programs happening at the library.  I’m planning on writing a few book reviews for TBPL Off the Shelf as well (specifically for books to go with some of the authors I’ve interviewed, like February’s Pamela Dean).  So that should keep me busy at work for the immediate future (while I’m also working on the next interview, too!)

So what about personal projects?  This week was bad – I didn’t have any time for any of them.  (I actually had someone ask me if I’ve done any more work on Tears of the King and unfortunately had to say no).  😦 Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in either game development or untangling the NaNoWriMo blob this week!

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