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#WriteTuesday – Editing Sections 13, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 32 + More!

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get any edits done on the Make Your Way story this week. On Friday night I found myself hooked on Stardew Valley again. I played the game a year or two ago and had to stop because I logged 26 hours in 48 (the remaining 22 hours involved sleep and work). A few weeks ago, a friend of mine wanted to play co-op; I agreed with the caveat that she host the server so I wouldn’t be tempted to keep playing. That was all well and good until I started my own game and then got hooked on Shane’s storyline on Friday.

But thankfully I managed to tear myself away from Stardew on Saturday with the help of real-life fishing. That evening I kept myself off of the computer (which was surprisingly difficult – I really wanted to keep playing Stardew Valley!) On Sunday I spent a lot of the afternoon and early evening cooking and baking (I made banana bread and potato salad). Then later in the evening when I *almost* booted up Stardew, I pulled up the Make Your Way story instead and started editing. Despite a few Merlin breaks (he wanted me to pay attention to him, not the computer), I got my planned 7 sections edited….and just kept going! By the time I was ready to stop, I had edited 7 more sections, plus added in a new one. Originally sections 32 and 33 both led into 34, but that didn’t really work; I wrote a slight variation for 33 (73), which bridges the way to 35. Thanks to editing these extra sections, I’m now about 40% done this draft!

So here’s what has been edited so far, along with the plan for this week (sections 49-57):

Flowchart of the Make Your Way story showing the sections I'm rewriting next

If I can get these nine sections edited, then one whole branch of the story will be done!

So how’s your week been going? What have you been working on? ūüôā

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Writing Update – April 19th

I’ve been pretty quiet on here for the last few weeks. ¬†I’d like to say that I’ve been busy with work and other things, but that’s not altogether true. ¬†Sure, work did play a part in my lack of time (as it always seems to, lol). ¬†But there were a few¬†bigger obstacles for me over the last few weeks.

Sore Wrist

This was probably the biggest issue. ¬†My wrist has been sore, primarily from too much texting. ¬†So I attempted to give it some time to heal. ¬†That meant almost no texting for a week (I wasn’t able to go quite the whole week – there were a few small instances where I did have to text to find someone). ¬†I’ve started texting a bit this week, and so far so good – my wrist is still a bit sore, but not too bad. ¬†I’m going to avoid having hour long conversations via text with people (I am guilty of that with one friend in particular). ¬†I’m hoping to start trying to strengthen my wrists a bit more to hopefully avoid this happening in the future (I am super scared that I’m going to permanently damage something which will make writing difficult in the future).

Missing Files

I don’t know what happened, but last week I turned my computer on to find ALL MY FILES MISSING! ¬†This included music, documents, and pictures. ¬†I have most things backed up, but I don’t know if I backed up the most recent version of¬†Tears of the King so I was in a panic. ¬†Luckily I was able to restore my computer to a previous time point, which brought all of my missing files back. ¬†I’ve done several scans with several scanners and nothing has come up. ¬†I’ve also made sure I’ve backed up the most recent version of¬†Tears of the King, which was the biggest relief. ¬†Everything seems fine now, so hopefully that was some weird fluke that disappeared when I restored the previous version of my system.

Starcraft 2

I started watching some Day[9] Funday Mondays (it all started when my brother sent me this game), which really got me in the mood to play Starcraft 2. ¬†Unfortunately, my laptop appears to be unable to run Starcraft 2 vs Harder + computers, or with more than two people on the map (it lags so badly that it’s almost unplayable, especially when using the¬†Legacy of the Void expansion). ¬†So as much as I want to be playing SC2, I apparently can’t. ¬†So I contented myself for watching a bunch more Funday Mondays. ¬†At least until…

Stardew Valley

A friend of mine sent me Stardew Valley as a gift over Steam. ¬†I have spent a ridiculous amount of time on that game since getting it two days ago. ¬†It’s actually been so bad that I’ve forbidden myself from playing it today (wish me luck! ¬†It started calling to me since getting up!) ¬†It’s a lot of fun, but super addicting; you’ve been warned!

Getting a Cold

Finally, I’ve also been feeling really under the weather for the last few days, which actually enabled Stardew Valley all the more – since I wasn’t feeling good, I was like “I’ll just play this new video game for a bit to relax.” ¬†I made it to work yesterday despite barely being able to talk when I got up, so that was a huge accomplishment. ¬†I now don’t have to go anywhere over the next few days, so I’m going to relax and hopefully get better (while not wasting too much time playing Stardew Valley).


So that’s what’s been going on with me for the last while. ¬†Hopefully I’ll be able to tear myself away from Stardew Valley and get back to working on¬†Tears of the King¬†or consolidating my notes for Faeriia soon!

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It’s That Time of Year Again…

…time to see how I did with my goals and set some new ones for the year!

Last year I set ten goals for myself, but only wrote down the writing-related ones. ¬†But after a bit of a scare (I thought I lost the paper I wrote them all down on), I’m going to list all ten off here, along with my progress on them:

  1. Move out¬†– success! ¬†I got my own place this December. ¬†I moved there with my new cat, Merlin. ūüôā
  2. Get to GDC Main in SF Рsuccess!  You can read all about it here.
  3. Finish reading 50+ books -success!  I actually read 58 books!
  4. Get in better shape Рsort of a success РI was going swimming twice a week all fall, but had to stop in December due to moving out and Christmas.  Will be heading back to the pool this month though!
  5. Clear out my writing magazine stash Рsuccess!  I got rid of a lot of them once I knew I was moving.
  6. Fix up my website (and eLance profile) – sort of a success – I fixed it up a bit before GDC, but haven’t done anything new to it since then (except update it with any articles I’ve had published). ¬†For the eLance profile, I don’t think I’ve even BEEN on eLance since the spring…
  7. Edit my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel OR write a new novel using 90 Days to Your Novel¬†– failure. ¬†All I did was look over 90 Days and decide not to use it. ¬†Since that time, I haven’t done a thing with my novel.
  8. Build 2+ of my worlds that need building¬†– failure (sort of). ¬†I spent quite a bit of time working on worlds earlier in the year, and managed to get one up to a point that I think I could write stuff in it. ¬†It’s still not “done” though – there are some aspects that I still need to work on.
  9. Build a game (I don’t care with what)¬†– failure. ¬†I was all gung-ho to build a Storynexus game after GDC, but that fell by the wayside (particularly when I realized the story I had in mind wasn’t going to work).
  10. Figure out Chat Mapper and write some branching dialogue – failure. ¬†I haven’t done a thing with Chat Mapper.

So of the ten goals, I succeeded at five, worked on two, and utterly failed at three. ¬†Unfortunately I didn’t really succeed at any of my creative goals (but I did a lot of work on worldbuilding, which will only benefit me in the future!)

With that in mind, it’s time to set some new goals for 2015!

  1. Read 50+ books off of The List (so that means non-library books – just books I currently own!)
  2. Stay in shape (get back to swimming and keep it up!)
  3. Get 2+ of my worlds that need building up to the point Imezza is currently at.
  4. Finish the screenplay I started. ¬†I forgot to write about it, but I started a screenplay at the end of November. ¬†It was meant to be a Christmas gift, but I ran out of time due to moving. ¬†So now it’s going to be a birthday gift. ¬†I have until August to finish it.
  5. Write the Grief Project. ¬†I had planned on doing this sooner, but my grief for my cat was too great and I couldn’t do it last fall.
  6. Write a story a month for Apocalypse Madness. ¬†Apocalypse Madness is a blog I started back in 2008. ¬†The idea is that every month someone would post a quote, then everyone who contributed to the blog had to write at least one story inspired by that quote. ¬†The blog died in 2011 (due to a number of reasons), but I decided I wanted to revive it starting today. ¬†So for the first time in three and a half years, there is a new quote; hopefully stories will follow! ¬†And if you’d like to join in on Apocalypse Madness, send me an email or comment on this post! ūüôā
  7. Build a game. ¬†I don’t care with what (could be Storynexus, RPG Maker, Game Maker, a game book, whatever!)
  8. Figure out Chat Mapper. Same as last year.
  9. Take a Lego Picture a month. ¬†I’ve fallen away from Lego pics over the last while. ¬†I miss it.
  10. Fix up my Red Bubble profile.  This kind of goes hand in hand with  9.

As a bonus:

  • Edit my NaNoWriMo 2012 book. At least to the point where I feel okay sharing it with people.

So those are my new goals for 2015. ¬†This year there’s a lot more creative goals, so wish me luck with them! ¬†You’ll notice that there’s also nothing about getting to conferences. ¬†As much as I’d love to go back to GDC, or one of the other game ones, I don’t think that’s a reality for me this year. ¬†Of course, if that should change, I’ll blog about it. ūüôā

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Oh Yeah…Goals

Last year I made myself a list of goals, most of which were writing related. ¬†Of the 11 goals I made for myself, I managed to accomplish exactly one off of the list. ¬†And it wasn’t one of my writing ones.

That being said, I did some work on the other goals. ¬†I played around with Chat Mapper a little bit. ¬†I started world building one of those worlds that need building. ¬†And while I didn’t clear out my writing magazine stash (one of my unlisted goals), I did clear out some other magazines.

I also accomplished some things which weren’t on my list. ¬†I was involved with a game project among friends. ¬†Sure, it ultimately didn’t go anywhere, but it was still a valuable experience. ¬†I also worked on¬†Holdfast, which resulted in a published credit. ¬†And then I wrote that submission for the Dark Crystal Author Quest, which was quite a feat in and of itself (a couple months of research followed by three writing and editing it). ¬†I think the lesson from all of this is that while goals are good, it also pays to be flexible; you never know what opportunities life will throw at you.

So with that in mind, here are my new writing goals for 2014:

  • Figure out Chat Mapper and write some branching dialogue with it.
  • Build 2+ of my worlds that need building.
  • Build a game (can be with RPG Maker, Game Maker, StoryNexus or whatever).
  • Edit my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel OR write a new novel using 90 Days to Your Novel¬†
  • Get to GDC Main this year.

Most of these goals are the same as my last year’s goals, but that’s okay; I’m thinking they’re still good goals to strive for. ¬†For the fourth one, I’ve had¬†90 Days to Your Novel for quite awhile and wanted to give it a try. ¬†I might even just rewrite the NaNoWriMo novel using that book’s techniques since I’m pretty certain the book needs an almost total rewrite anyway.

I have a couple of other goals for the year that aren’t really writing related so I’m not going to post them here. ¬†That last goal isn’t completely writing related, but I do talk about conferences from time to time here, too. ¬†I’ve been saying I’m going to GDC for the last few years and still haven’t made it; I’d really like to change that in 2014!

Hopefully 2014 will be a creative and productive year for us all – Happy New Year, everyone! ¬†ūüôā


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Writing Goals

I know, I know, this is a bit late.  The new year has been here for a month already.  I came up with my goals for the year about two weeks ago and have been meaning to post about them for awhile.  You know how it is; life gets busy and sometimes the best of intentions get waylaid.  But better late than never, right?

Back on January 14th, I wrote down ten goals for the coming year.¬† About half of them were writing related, so I’m going to share them here:

  • Submit at least six short stories for publication
  • Figure out Chat Mapper and write some branching dialogue with it.
  • Figure out StoryNexus and write a game with it.
  • Build 2+ of my worlds that need building (I have a list of ten and counting).
  • Build a game on RPG Maker.

Of course, when I wrote those goals, I managed to somehow forget about my NaNoWriMo novel, so a bonus goal is editing that, putting my goals up to 11 for the coming year.

There are many narrative systems that you can build a game with nowadays.¬† I chose RPG Maker because I own it already and have been meaning to make a game with it for awhile.¬† StoryNexus and Chat Mapper were both recommended to me by friends.¬† I’ve checked StoryNexus out a bit and am intrigued with it, especially after playing Winterstrike (it’s well worth checking out!)¬† For the branching dialogue, I wanted to give both Chat Mapper and Twine a try, but didn’t want to inundate myself with systems and so chose only one; if I manage to find more time I’ll be checking Twine out as well.

So what are your writing goals for the coming year?

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