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#WriteFriday – November 6th

What a great start to this #WriteFriday: I was ridiculously behind on my NaNoWriMo blob (I’m not writing a novel, so I’ve been calling it a blob).  Behind to the tune of being on Day 4 with only 1323 words.  But as of midnight on Day 6 (so 11:59pm on Day 5), I had written 4,346 words, bringing my total up to 5669!  I’m still behind a bit (on Day 6 the goal is to write 10,000 words), but at least I’m not nearly as far behind as I was.

So what have I written in my so-called writing blob?  The first thing I wrote (which was on Day 3) was a random dream I’d had the night before.  I don’t know what, if anything, I’ll do with it yet.  But it was neat and I wanted to record it somewhere; the blob seemed as good a place as any to write it.  Also on Day 3, I sat down and wrote a story for Apocalypse Madness (this was the story I mentioned on my ridiculously late October 30th #WriteFriday update).  Day 4 saw me worldbuilding so I could fit Ayvlin into another world I’d already thought up (which I also mentioned on that last update).  This ended up actually much easier than I originally thought it would be back in Grand Marais when I thought it up.  The world actually does fit her and her story.  It even fits the other characters that were with her in that roleplaying adventure.  So I’ve mainly been working on that world, although I had a brief tangent into yet another world (I realized I have never written any of the ideas  down for it and decided to remedy that immediately).  I ended up working through a couple of things I’ve been struggling with on this world (“Do dragons belong here and what are they like?” being the main question I managed to finally answer).  I also managed to tie in another world with this one.  As I was worldbuilding, I started to realize that the second world, which I had long thought didn’t belong with this one, actually did fit quite nicely.  So that was awesome! It’s looking like this world is going to be my most “stereotypical fantasy world,” even though it’s already got things going on to make it anything but stereotypical!

I did run into an unexpected problem though.  Back in the summer of 2010 (which is just after I finished with the class I started this blog for, but way before I started using this blog for writing), I took a screenwriting course from Gotham Writers Workshop, during which I started writing a screenplay.  The screenplay was a crazy science fiction adventure which I was having fun writing.  Unfortunately after the class ended, life got in the way and I never did finish a first draft.  But it had two science fiction races which I really, really liked the idea of.  Hilariously, the faerie creatures that live on what I’m currently calling “Ayvlin’s World” have ended up an awful lot like one of the science fiction races.  I’m currently not sure what, if anything, I need to do about that, because the similarities that they both have suit them both.

So after writing a bit more (about 600 words), I went to bed, thinking I’d have more time for writing today.  But then I found myself at 11:39 having not written anything else for the NaNoWriMo blob all day (I had hoped to have another 4000 word marathon to get caught up with where I should be for word count).  Between what I’d written earlier and those twenty minutes I managed to crank out a total of 1,380 words, bringing my total for the day up to 7049.  I’m still about 3000 words behind where I should be (day 6 should put you at 10,000), but at least I’m not falling too far behind now.

For those twenty minutes (and about twenty minutes past midnight), I also did something extremely difficult: I started writing the Grief Project.  For anyone who doesn’t remember, what I’ve been calling the Grief Project is the project I was going to write after Tink passed away last summer.  But the grief was too raw and I wasn’t able to do it right away.  So I put it aside, much longer than I had planned to.  The grief is no longer so raw but it is still present; I’m not going to lie, I started crying a few times while writing it.

I don’t know what I’m going to do with the Grief Project (if anything).  But it’s well past time I finally got to it.  NaNoWriMo (and this NaNoWriMo in particular) is actually in some ways the perfect place to tackle it because I can let it be whatever it wants to be.  Especially since it’s just part of my writing blob (which means I don’t even care if the Grief Project falls short of 50,000 words because it’ll just be part of the bunch of writings I’m doing this year).

Good luck to everyone else who is participating this year!

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Goodbye to Script Frenzy

I was very sad to hear that the Office of Letters and Light, the nonprofit that runs both NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy (as well as a few other programs) recently decided to stop Script Frenzy.  They will continue to support their other programs (such as NaNoWriMo and the new Camp NaNoWriMo), but they felt that Script Frenzy has not grown the way these other programs have.  This announcement was particularly sad for me because a friend of mine had agreed to collaborate on a script for next year’s event.  I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with a project to collaborate on in the future, but I am sad all the same.

You can read their full announcement here.

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Why I’ve Given Up on Script Frenzy

I was flipping through a couple of books from the library today before I sent them back. Both of them were on writing comics/graphic novels; I’d gotten them when I originally thought I was going to write a graphic novel script for Script Frenzy. I came across the section on writing characters in one of the books, which made me start thinking about the characters in my screenplay. My “villain” character wasn’t acting at all villainous and my main character has been really flat; these are all problems I’ve been aware of for the last while. But I actually sat and thought about how the story is progressing, and I came up with a few ways to fix things. Unfortunately, fixing things would require a major rewrite, which is something you’re not supposed to do during Script Frenzy (or NaNoWriMo). And leaving things how they are would mean a lot more work later if I just keep writing. So I am going to give up on Script Frenzy this year, but I am not giving up on my story.

All the way through this screenplay, I’ve been thinking of it as a discovery draft which will eventually become a novel. So stopping now and reworking everything will also give me the opportunity to turn this story into the novel I’ve always envisioned. As I said before, I did some world building which I am happy with, but the further I’ve gone in this screenplay, the less the world feels comfortable confined within a screenplay. Changing to a novel now will mean I can make this into the story I really want it to be.

So I will not be continuing with Script Frenzy this year. A friend of mine has expressed interest in maybe collaborating on a script next year, so hopefully that will become a reality. Good luck to everyone else still working away at their own scripts!

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Script Frenzy Start!

I’d prefer to get some more practice writing a script. I started writing one a few years ago for a Gotham Writing Workshop Screenwriting class. Unfortunately that particular project was put on hold for a variety of reasons (although I fully intend to go back to it eventually!) For this Script Frenzy, I’m going to start a completely new story in a completely new world that I’ve been slowly building over the last month. The story itself is going to take place in a very limited geographic location in that world, so much of what I’ve been developing won’t really come up. But I’m very excited by the world, undeveloped as it is, and I’m really looking forward to working with it for the next month (and hopefully beyond!)

I’m currently making a few last minute preparations (like posting here), but I’m getting ready to just jump in at midnight. This script (which is as yet untitled, much like my NaNoWriMo novel was) does not have any real outline. Much like NaNoWriMo, I’m just going to jump in and see where the writing takes me – I have a couple of character ideas, but nothing too solid at this point.

If you want to follow my progress (or want to be writing buddies), you can find me here on the Script Frenzy site. You can also watch my Twitter Feed for news and updates. Good luck to everyone else participating in this year’s Script Frenzy!

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Script Frenzy!

This April is the 6th Script Frenzy hosted by the Office of Letters and Light (OLL). Similar to OLL’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), Script Frenzy challenges you to write a 100 Page script during the month of April. This isn’t limited to simply movie scripts either; you can write a play, a TV show, a graphic novel, or whatever as long as it’s a script.

I wasn’t originally planning on joining Script Frenzy this year. But then I started chatting with a friend about it. I was intrigued by the idea of writing a graphic novel script. I’ve recently taken a few books out from the library on the subject, so this wasn’t completely out of the blue. But the idea that I could write one during Script Frenzy prompted me to sign up. Well, that and the feeling that I need to start working on my own writing projects again.

Having attempted a screenplay in the past, I know that the writing itself isn’t too tough; there’s a lot of white space on a script page. I don’t know what a graphic novel script page should look like, but hopefully it is more similar to a screenplay than a novel. If that’s the case, writing those 100 pages (averaging to 3.3 pages a day) shouldn’t be a problem as long as I stay motivated. But even if it is similar to a novel I’m not overly worried; the 1,666 words you need to average for NaNoWriMo works out to about 3 pages a day. And I managed to hit the 50,000 word target for NaNoWriMo about a week early.

I don’t know for certain what I’ll be writing about yet. I don’t even know that I’ll stick to a graphic novel. But that’s okay; I still have almost a month to make those decisions! I’ll be updating this blog on my Script Frenzy progress. If you want to follow my progress come April (or be writing buddies), you can find me here on the Script Frenzy site. You can also watch my Twitter Feed for news and updates.

Good luck to everyone else who’s participating in Script Frenzy next month!

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