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Intellectual Boys

Our brief discussion in class today about how geeky guys are now cool reminded me of this song from Coco Love Alcorn. 

I love it once the music starts!  =)

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Animals and Sex

In class on Tuesday, it was mentioned that Bonobo apes are one of the only other animals that has sex for pleasure.  I remember hearing that dolphins also have sex for pleasure, and so I decided to look into whether other animals do as well.  Doing a quick search on Google, I found the wiki article on this matter.  After a quick run-down on animal sex-for-pleasure (which, by the way, is not what we should be asking.  The real question at stake is “do other animals have sex at arbitrary times?”  ie, do other animals have sex when they are not trying to reproduce?  Both the wiki article and this one think that sex is pleasurable for all animals), there’s a really interesting section on different types of sexual activity which animals engage in (did you know that some female penguins are prostitutes?)


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