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#WriteTuesday – Blog Planning!

I know I cut it a bit close, but over the weekend (the last weekend of March), I actually did sit down and make a plan for Sustainably North for the next few months.  I used the blog planner I picked up from Tickled Think last week as a starting point for my blog plan.  I’m keeping the basic plan I came up with earlier in March, at least for the next few months (I can reassess at that time and see if it’s working).  I’m going to start posting a smaller post on Fridays, too; that’s going to be more fun things like quotes or pictures (plus I can write the monthly post about bUneke for a Friday, too).  I’ve got an idea of topics for the next three months, and I’ve decided on the actual Monday essay posts for the rest of April (as well as a book to review).  So now I have to get going and actually write/read everything!

Over the weekend I sat down with the productivity planner I got from Tickled Think, too.  I was able to come up with goals for roughly the next year.  In terms of Sustainably North, those goals involve growing the blog.  In terms of other projects, those goals involve finishing them.  I don’t have definitive time tables for anything, just roughly what I want to accomplish in the next month, three-six months, and year.  I wasn’t able to come up with any goals at this time beyond the year mark because I want to see where I’m at.

So with that being said, for April I want to get the next 2 months of Sustainably North written and scheduled, as well as get a 1st draft of the Make Your Way story done. I know I’ve been saying that for the last few months, but I want it finished so I can move onto other things.  Beyond that, I need to get my next article written for bUneke Magazine before the 10th, so that’ll be happening too.

Thinking of bUneke, I did manage to get a few more book reviews from Sustainably North cut down to the length they wanted and submitted yesterday.  So that’s pretty exciting.  Unfortunately I’m almost out of books I’ve reviewed on Sustainably North, so I guess I need to get reading, too!

All in all, this was a good week of planning.  And now I’m going to have a busy April.  Wish me luck – I’ll let you know how things are going next week! 🙂

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#WriteTuesday – Weekend Recharging

I don’t know what it was, but last week was a good but long week.  So by the time Friday rolled around, I was exhausted.  I decided to take it easy on Saturday, and power through a whole bunch of emails that I had stockpiled (mostly newsletters) while alternately checking on my cat outside (Merlin spent most of the afternoon in the backyard).  So that was a really good day.  And I’m now feeling ready to tackle the new week!

Then a friend of mine contacted me over the weekend asking if I was willing to critique (and possibly edit) a book he is working on.  He asked what my professional rate is.  I’ve never been asked to provide a professional critique before and had no idea what to charge. Thankfully I have a copy of an older Writer’s Market (2015), which has their handy “What Should I Charge” chart.  Using that as a guideline, I was able to come up with a price we both agreed was fair.

Oh, and I also came across some printables from Tickled Think.  I picked up their blog planning one and their dream plan act productivity planner; I’m hoping those will help me out with Sustainably North (and just planning for the future in general; I kind of feel like I’m drifting at the moment without a clear plan).  I’m hoping to work on those this coming week. 🙂

So how’s your week been?  Have you ever struggled with pricing for your writing (and how have you settled on a price)?

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