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Googling Psychoanalysis

When I did my quick Google search last night, I came across this picture.  It made me laugh, so I thought I’d share.

Freud's UnconsciousI found this on Bryn Robinson’s blog, http://www.innkblotz.ca/2008/09/saturday-morning-freud-cartoons.html

There are all kinds of funny cartoons you can find if you Google Image Search “psychoanalysis.”

Here’s another one I laughed at:

therapydogThis one comes from Smartdog’s Weblog, http://smartdogs.wordpress.com/2009/04/17/psychoanalysis-behaviorism-and-myth/

Here’s one more, from  Evidencesx’s World (http://evidencesx.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/%E2%80%9Cblogging-is-less-expensive-than-a-psychoanalysis%E2%80%9D/):

http://evidencesx.wordpress.com/2008/06/17/%E2%80%9Cblogging-is-less-expensive-than-a-psychoanalysis%E2%80%9D/I got a kick out of the blog post where I found this last picture.  The author of the post talks about how blogging is like psychoanalysis but better (aka cheaper).



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Latent Content

latent contentDr. Pound talked about psychoanalysts “probing” for the latent content.  This made me think of Freud literally using a brain probe.  I drew a crappy stick-figure diagram in the margins of my notebook, and decided to see if anyone else had ever thought to draw a picture of this.  Finding nothing on Google, I decided to redraw my stick figures on paint, so enjoy!

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