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An Exciting Thursday

Today was a very exciting day for two reasons.  First, I met  Robin, a local game developer!  He’s one half of the two man indie team that makes up P1XL Games.  What’s even more exciting about meeting him is that he is, to date, the only local person I’ve met who has shipped games (I’m also the only local game dev that he’s met with a shipped game).  We had a great time showing each other the games we’ve made (he let me play his, which were all a lot of fun) and chatting about game books.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, the first author interview for the Thunder Bay Public Library’s TBPL Off the Shelf blog went live this afternoon.  I interviewed author Joseph Nassise about both his writing and what he’s reading.  Most notably, we talk about Eyes to See, the book that I recently reviewed on the same blog, his newest series (The Great Undead War), and what it’s like working in other media.

So all in all, this was a very exciting Thursday!  🙂

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