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Last Week :)

Whoops, I meant to post this on Friday.  But that’s okay, I have a little more to report after today, too.

me with my laptop outside under treesI’ve actually spent a fair amount of time writing outside with my laptop.  I’ve been taking a lap-desk out and just hanging out in the backyard.  I don’t have very good internet access, especially if I’m away from the house, but that hasn’t been much of a problem; I’ve mainly been editing a short story I wrote, so the few times I needed to look something up quick I just used my phone.

The idea to write outside with my laptop started after last week, when I gardened.  A few weeks prior to that, a brand new deck was built at the back of the house. So between the deck and all the gardening, my backyard is a very happy place where I’d like to be hanging out in as much as possible during these short summer months.

The first afternoon I went outside, I didn’t hang out on the deck because I thought that it was in direct sunlight through the entire afternoon (until about mid-evening).  Well it turns out that it isn’t; I can sit out on it writing on my laptop until 2:30pm!  At 2:30 there isn’t much shade left because the sun is almost directly overhead, making it really hard to see the laptop screen.  But that’s okay – 2:30 is the time when I relocate to a shadier part of the yard.

So earlier this week, I planned out edits then started working on that short story.  The short story is the one I mentioned during my Blog Planning post from earlier in June.  It ended up sitting a bit longer than I had planned, but that’s okay since I’ve been working on it.  The story started out at 1,245 words; it’s now up to 2,264 and I’m not quite done this editing pass; hopefully I’ll be finishing it over the next few days.

I’ve also done a lot of work on Sustainably North this week.  I finished reading the book I wanted to review on it this month, You Grow Girl by Gayla Trail .  That post was written earlier in the week, then edited and scheduled on the blog for tomorrow at noon.  Then today I figured out another two posts: an article about disposable vs reusable plates (written and scheduled – that will be on the blog on July 2nd at noon) and another book review (I fluked into reading a book that I thought was a good fit for my July theme of parties – that post is written but I haven’t decided if I want it appearing on July 9th or 16th).  I’ll need to get another three posts figured out for July, then I can move onto my August theme of camping.

So yeah, it’s been a busy but very productive week.  I’m actually really happy that I’ve now got a bit of breathing room on Sustainably North (especially since there’s a long weekend next weekend, and my week is already shaping up to be quite busy!)


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