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Interviews #100 and #101

Wow, I can’t believe it – I’ve interviewed 100 people on TBPL’s blog TBPL Off the Shelf!

For interview #100, I spoke with Keisha Blair, the author of Holistic Wealth: 36 Life Lessons to Help You Recover from Disruption, Find Your Life Purpose, and Achieve Financial Freedom. In the interview, Keisha talks about updating her book, how the foreword with actress Kelly Rutherford was arranged, and which of the 36 life lessons she feels is the most important. You can find the interview here.

And for interview #101, I spoke with local author Natalie Lehto about her memoir, Like the Glide of a Dragonfly, which tells of Lehto’s experiences in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing of 2013. You can find the interview here.


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