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#WriteFriday – July 9th

It’s about time I got back on track with my #Write Fridays.  So I ended up working more on my still untitled StoryNexus game today.   I decided to work on mapping out the island a bit more.  I wanted a baseline for what the island looked like prior to the events of the game (when the population exploded).  To that end, I figured out what a reasonable population would have been on the island.  It’s an experimental farming facility, which is why it is small but still centred around food production.  Much of the world is automated, but thanks to magic rather than technology.  So with that in mind, the population of the island can easily be a bit smaller than it would otherwise have been.

I also had to figure out what kinds of buildings would be on the island in addition to the Tower and the homes of people.  But once that was done, I made a rough map of what the city (or town, as it probably more accurately is) would look like.  Here’s what I ended up with:Korm Village

Of course, I only remembered the basic shape of the island.  What I drew does not work perfectly with the island map, so I’ll have to redo it (if I need a more accurate layout).  But at this point, this map is good enough.  The Tower is once again in the middle.  The bottom stuff is the airfield, which is attached to both the Terminal and what I have termed the Menagerie (that’s where the majority of the island’s monsters are kept – with monsters being pretty much the equivalent of machines in this setting).  In the town, most of the buildings are apartment buildings that are three floors high, housing four people or families per floor.  By the docks are some warehouses; in between those are the marketplace, which is mostly made up of stalls.  I thought that a European-style marketplace made the most sense for the island (and the setting in general), rather than North American-style big stores.  There’s a darker, bigger square just below the marketplace, which is the police/hospital/fire building.  The island doesn’t have a lot of dwellings and people, so I thought it made sense to have everything in one central location.  A few of the buildings are also things like a bakery (or two), a few restaurants, and a tailor.

So there we go.  It was a successful #WriteFriday where I finally mapped out the town on Korm.  🙂


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#WriteFriday – May 15th

I’m not going to lie: today was a bit of a struggle in terms of writing.  I’m not really sure why that was, but i had a hard time concentrating for any length on my StoryNexus project.  Or at least at first I did.  I think this was because I sort of felt like I was beating a dead horse, regoing over character backgrounds a bit to make sure things were working.  As I’ve mentioned before, I have three factions and three characters that are basically personifying those factions for me at the moment.  Two of them I have a pretty good handle on (the siblings).  But the third one I just haven’t really developed.  So I was sitting here on my couch, trying to figure that last character out and nothing was really coming.

I shifted gears a bit and started working a bit more on the world.  What size should this island be?  In the process of deciding that, I came up with some great setting-specific ideas (which will have an impact on the larger City of the Dead), so that was pretty neat.  Those setting-specific things also ended up helping me with some of the character things I was struggling with a bit, so that was great.  I ended up writing (and sketching a bit on) 9 pages in my notebook tonight, so that’s not too shabby.

Oh, and I also decided to load up AutoRealm so I could draw the map I came up with last week.  Here it is:

First Attempt

As of right now, most of the island is made up of farmland (hence all the grass).  The idea is that in the center is the tower where the ruling family lived; it’s surrounded by mostly dead trees, hence the weird lump of browns and blacks.  On the east is the dock area, which is also where most of the citizens of the island live.  The population of the island has been exploding in recent times, so the inhabited area is actually spilling out of the dock area a bit along the northeast and southeast coasts (this isn’t pictured though).  Lady Dael, the ruler of the island, is keeping the settlements along the coast so the farmland isn’t disturbed too much; despite whatever else is going on on the island, their primary job is to produce food for the mainland (the Megacity that is the City of the Dead).

Once it was drawn, I really had to name it.  I did a bit of research (basically trying words out with Google Translate) and ended up deciding to call it “Korm.”  I almost went with “Korma,” being an amalgamation of the Yiddish word for feed and the Napali word for “treat,” but then I remembered that “Korma” is an actual dish.  So I shortened it down to Korm.  I was specifically looking at Yiddish words because two of the characters have Yiddish names, plus I wanted to go with something different than my go-to Scandinavian.  But I was also trying to avoid using an actual word to give the name a bit of a different feel.  I don’t know how well I succeeded, but then again this is the first piece of land that I’ve named in the City of the Dead world.

So there we go, the first visual for this project: the island of Korm!  All in all, a rather productive #WriteFriday, even if I was struggling a bit to stay focussed!  🙂

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#WriteFriday – May 8th

Once again, I didn’t have a lot of writing time this Friday.  I worked all day, then ran off to a friend’s house to hang out.  But our plan was to watch some Dr. Who, so it was the perfect opportunity to bring a notebook and start mapping out the island for my untitled StoryNexus game.  As I mentioned last time, I enjoy drawing maps.  And while I admittedly didn’t get a whole lot done, a few of the details that I did decide on have given me something to work with when I actually start building the game.

I’ve known for a while now that the setting for this game is going to be an island.  I chose an island because I don’t want to use the actual City of the Dead.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but the main setting is basically a decayed Mega City.  I did a bit of research on them a few months ago when I started wondering how and where such a setting gets its food.  I believe it was Trantor, Isaac Asimov’s Mega City, that brought in food from thousands of colony worlds.  Rather than using colony worlds, I thought City of the Dead would rely on colony islands (and I know, that basically means it’s not really a Mega City per se, but I didn’t want the setting to be a galactic power).

So anyway, the game will be set on an island that’s main purpose is to produce food for the mainland.  For that to work, I’m thinking the majority of land space is devoted to farming or something similar (I honestly don’t quite know what they’re producing here, and hence what the majority of the island should look like).  But I do know that there is a tower of some sort in the centre of the island, overseeing production (in theory).  And docks to ship the food out.  So that’s a start.

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