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#WriteTuesday – Happy Family Day!

Not much of an update today.  I got a bit messed up on what day it was (I kept thinking that yesterday was Sunday).  This weekend was the Family Day Weekend here in Ontario, so I spent the weekend mostly out with friends and family skiing and snowshoeing.  So no real writing update today (I’m going to get some writing in later today though!)

I will give a bamboo update though (probably the last one for a while): my bamboo is absolutely loving getting fresh filtered water every two weeks and has some new growth!!! Check it out:

lucky bamboo with new leaves gowing

You can see that there are a few new little leaves on that branch! 🙂


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No #WriteTuesday Today

There’s going to be no #WriteTuesday this week or next week because today is Christmas and next Tuesday is New Year’s Day (which is when I write about my goals for the year).  So I decided to take a break from #WriteTuesday until the New Year.

But I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas written in sand

My Christmas message from a few years ago when I was in Florida over the Holidays. 🙂

I’ll get back to the weekly reports on what I’m up to in 2019! 😉

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