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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that this week I’ve been working quite a bit on creating characters and working out plots.  All of it is for a friend and his team (Black Chicken Studios); I agreed to write a week’s worth of content for their newest project, Holdfast.

Holdfast was recently funded through Kickstarter.  I followed along with the campaign and was really excited for the book, mainly because I’ve never actually tried playing a game book before (although I did enjoy reading Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid).   The setting seems really rich, making it a lot of fun to work on (if you’re interested in checking out some tidbits from the setting, be sure to check out the Kickstarter updates!)

My involvement with Black Chicken Studios will be wrapping up late tomorrow night.  I’ll probably be taking a few days off before hopefully getting back to the game I’m designing with friends.

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Writing Goals

I know, I know, this is a bit late.  The new year has been here for a month already.  I came up with my goals for the year about two weeks ago and have been meaning to post about them for awhile.  You know how it is; life gets busy and sometimes the best of intentions get waylaid.  But better late than never, right?

Back on January 14th, I wrote down ten goals for the coming year.  About half of them were writing related, so I’m going to share them here:

  • Submit at least six short stories for publication
  • Figure out Chat Mapper and write some branching dialogue with it.
  • Figure out StoryNexus and write a game with it.
  • Build 2+ of my worlds that need building (I have a list of ten and counting).
  • Build a game on RPG Maker.

Of course, when I wrote those goals, I managed to somehow forget about my NaNoWriMo novel, so a bonus goal is editing that, putting my goals up to 11 for the coming year.

There are many narrative systems that you can build a game with nowadays.  I chose RPG Maker because I own it already and have been meaning to make a game with it for awhile.  StoryNexus and Chat Mapper were both recommended to me by friends.  I’ve checked StoryNexus out a bit and am intrigued with it, especially after playing Winterstrike (it’s well worth checking out!)  For the branching dialogue, I wanted to give both Chat Mapper and Twine a try, but didn’t want to inundate myself with systems and so chose only one; if I manage to find more time I’ll be checking Twine out as well.

So what are your writing goals for the coming year?

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