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Women Destroy Science Fiction

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed I’ve been retweeting a lot from Lightspeed Magazine this last month.  Lightspeed Magazine was running a campaign on Kickstarter entitled Women Destroy Science Fiction, which ended yesterday.  Everyday, Lightspeed was sending essays from women science fiction writers, who spoke about their experiences, both good and bad, writing in the genre.  In a way, I’m a bit sad that the campaign is over (although happy that they wildly exceeded their goal) because I’m going to miss the daily essays.  But now that the campaign is over, I thought I’d share my favourite essays here:

I realize that the list is a bit long (I just listed off 18 essays), but I thought they were all really great.  I loved hearing how different authors found their way into science fiction (for a really funny one, read Stina Leicht’s “The Wendybird”).  All of the essays (including the ones I didn’t highlight here) are going to be included in the Women Destroy Science Fiction issue.  If you missed the Kickstarter, be sure to check out Lightspeed’s website, where they will let you preorder the special issue in the near future.

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If You Need a Bit of Help…

While I thought that Dr. Pound did a great job explaining Ideology today in class, if you’re still having some trouble with Althusser, try reading the article by Fiske.  When I read them yesterday, I read Althusser’s “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses” first.  Althusser’s article started off as a relatively straightforward read, but as it went on it got more and more convoluted, especially in regards to the subject.  When I finished the article, I put it down and immediately did something else just to give my brain a rest.  Eventually I felt brave enough to attempt the Fiske article.  I sat down in my chair, took a deep breath, and was pleasantly surprised.  Fiske’s “Culture, Ideology, Interpellation” was written in more accessible language.  Part way through his paper, he starts talking about Althusser in that same accessible language.  He made Althusser sound so easy that I couldn’t believe I was originally confused. 

So if you’re having trouble, try giving Fiske’s article a read!

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