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Interview #50!!!

Wow, I can’t believe I’ve done fifty author interviews for the TBPL Off the Shelf!  Number fifty is with Donna VanLiere, just in time for Christmas.  I talk with her about building her wonderful characters, the appeal of small towns, and her favourite part of Christmas.  You can find the interview here!


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Interview #43

The forty-third interview on TBPL Off the Shelf went live today! This time I interviewed author and artist Duncan Weller about why he switched to English from Fine Arts, his favourite mediums to work with, and how he chooses his projects. You can find the interview here!

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Final Memory Working!

Just a super quick note – I got the final memory functioning in Memories tonight! I had a couple of weird snags getting it working (and the dialogue is super clunky).  But everything seems to be functioning!  🙂

I also found a fantastic piano song that was available to license under the Creative Commons; that song is going to be the song that plays during the game’s menu screen, as well as during the actual memory events.

So the next task is to figure out how the game is going to end.  And unfortunately I have no idea. And neither do my characters!

Now what

This is literally the last conversation currently in the game!

But that is a problem for another day!

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Interview #37

The thirty-seventh interview on TBPL Off the Shelf went live today!  This time I interviewed Peadar O’Guilin about picking a protagonist, developing the Grey Lands, and why the Call lasts 3 minutes and 4 seconds.  You can find the interview here!

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Sorry Everyone, I’m on Hiatus From Blogging

Hey everyone, sorry that I haven’t been updating lately.  I didn’t plan to, but I am now officially taking the summer off from blogging.  Part of the reason for this has been the start of me hosting my very own radio show on CILU Radio.  I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed finding music for the show and prerecording it, so blogging (and writing in general) has been put to the side for the time being (with the exception of the post I just scheduled about the next interview on TBPL Off the Shelf, which will be popping up next Wednesday).

I hope everyone has a great summer!  See you all in the fall! 🙂

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Writing update – March 9th

First of all, work trip pics!!!!

Sudbury Makerspace Trip Feb-Mar 2016//

(I don’t know how well the embed code is working, so just click on the picture to go to the Flickr album).  I had so much fun touring the various Sudbury makerspaces!  🙂  I’ve been back since last week but things have been super busy (that seems to be a usual thing for me, doesn’t it?) so apologies for not posting here sooner.

On that note, I’ve decided I will not be entering the local writing contest I mentioned on February 27th.  I have a few much bigger projects on the go right now (least of which is working on Tears of the King), so I decided I do not want to be stressing out over this as well.  I’ve also got a lot of reading I need to be doing, so one less project feels like a good thing right now.  I can always work on that story later this year and possibly enter it next year.

I’d also like to mention one of the things that has kept me busy this week: it’s Fund Drive at CILU, Thunder Bay’s local campus radio station!  The on-air portion of Fund Drive wraps up in a few days, so things will be a bit less hectic once it’s over.  🙂

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Guilty Pleasures Cinema Celebrates 100 Episodes!

Happy anniversary to Guilty Pleasures Cinema, the internet show my friend, Scott Summerton, created!  Check out the anniversary episode here; Scott and company discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, the most successful guilty pleasure movie ever.  Scott asked me to once again reprise my role as Death, so I’m in there, too. 🙂

I show up at the end, so if you just want to see my part, check it out here.

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