May 2023 – What Are You Reading?

picture of the March 2023 Maclean's Magazine
One of the last Maclean’s Magazines from my brother (March 2023).

This month, my brother gave me his last 2 issues of Maclean’s Magazine. He subscribed to them for years, and always passed them on to me after he was done with them. But he recently decided to stop subscribing, so March and April 2023 are the last ones I will get.

I have a really bad habit of letting magazines pile up on me, so I decided to start reading some of the ones I’ve got waiting around. This month I tackled 3 Maclean’s (including the last two that he gave me) and 3 Walleyes (that’s the local arts and culture magazine that I also am really bad for letting pile up), along with these books:



  • Rogue Angel: Bathed in Blood by Alex Archer and Joseph Nassise

I was hoping to finish a few other books, but didn’t have much time to read. Hopefully next month will be a bit better!

How about you? Did you read anything good this month?



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3 responses to “May 2023 – What Are You Reading?

  1. I like the idea of magazines but often “save them” for the future like you do, evidently, Shauna. I recently read the last novel in the Ruth Galloway series by Elly Griffiths. Very sad to see my favorite series end!!!

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