March 2023 – What Are You Reading?

This month I ended up focussing a lot on getting through some graphic novels. A friend of mine lent me a whole bunch awhile ago and I wanted to return at least some of them in a timely fashion. I also attempted to read a novel called Windflower, but I ended up stopping because the book failed to draw me in within the first 30 pages (I normally try to give books a little longer, but it was a shorter book, and I really was having a hard time even wanting to keep reading it).



  • Black Cat: Infinity Score by Jed MacKay and C.F. Villa (graphic novel)
  • Captain Carter: Woman Out of Time by Jamie McKelvie and Marika Cresta (graphic novel)
  • The Last Ronin by Kevin Eastman, Peter Laird, Tom Waltz, et al. (graphic novel)
  • Domino: Killer Instinct by Gail Simone, David Baldeon and Michael Shelfer (graphic novel)

I’m not sure what my favourite was. Captain Carter: Woman Out of Time was really good. So was The Last Ronin, which was a really different Ninja Turtles story.

I think next month I’m going to try to focus on clearing up more of the books that people have lent me. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

So what have you been reading?


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  1. Shauna

    Whoops, this one was published a day earlier than it should have been. Next month’s will be back to the last Thursday of the month.


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