May 2022: What Are You Reading?

Wow, where did the month go???  I managed to only read one book during all of May!  Thankfully, it was really good!  At the beginning of the month, I went book shopping with my mom.  I stumbled on Heather Walter’s Malice, which sounded really good (it’s a Sleeping Beauty retelling – I love fairy tales and retellings).  I managed to tear through the book in about three days.  It was so nice to be that into a book again; I’ve been really struggling with reading over the last while, and I’ve specifically had a hard time getting interested in books (though I have still managed to read a few books every month).  While the second one, Misrule, was released a few days after I finished Malice, I haven’t started reading it yet (I’m hoping to start it on the weekend).

I’m hoping next month will be a bit better, reading-wise.  I’ve got a week of vacation for my birthday, and I’m hoping to read one or two books then for sure. 😉

So what have you read over the last month?  What was your favourite book?



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2 responses to “May 2022: What Are You Reading?

  1. I enjoyed While Justice Sleeps, a political thriller by Stacey Abrams. It’s well written and certainly keeps a reader interested!

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