Finished 100 Easy Ukrainian Texts!

Over the weekend, I finished reading 100 Easy Ukrainian Texts! As promised, I shot a short video where I attempted to speak in Ukrainian about finishing it. I didn’t get very far (and kind of repeated myself), but I was happy to see that my Ukrainian came together a little better than in previous videos (I was able to put sentences together a little more confidently).

Here’s the video if you’d like to check it out:

I neglected to mention in this take of the video that I read all of the texts at least two times each, plus listened to the audio version of the texts twice as well, so that is partially why it took so long to get through all 100 of them! (I also forgot about the book over the summer, so that’s also why it’s taken me so long!)

Since finishing it, I’ve had the audio versions of the texts playing while I’m cleaning and whatnot. At this point, I don’t understand every word, but I’m able to follow many of the texts, so that’s encouraging! The later ones are a bit harder, so I’ll have to work on them a bit more.



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5 responses to “Finished 100 Easy Ukrainian Texts!

  1. Good for you, Shauna! Quite an accomplishment.

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  2. Shauna, I have been trying to remember, lately, your connection with Ukraine, as I know you have been working on the language. Do you have relatives in the country? Such a scary and horrible situation…

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    • Shauna

      At this point I mainly just have cultural ties to Ukraine. All of my great-grandparents were from there, my grandfather was from there, and two of my uncles are from there. My grandmother lost contact with my grandfather’s family after he passed, though my dad still has some cousins there (before this war started, we were hoping to visit Ukraine and hopefully reconnect with them – now I have no idea if that will be possible). My one uncle lost contact with his family after his mom passed, but I think my other uncle still has contact with his family.

      I have a friend who I’ve been learning Ukrainian with for the last year and a half who lives there. She is safe now (she’s no longer in the country), but her family is still in Ukraine. I also have another friend I’m learning Ukrainian with who is from Ukraine, but has been living elsewhere for a few years. He still has family in Ukraine as well. 😦

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