Six Month Language Update!

Yesterday I decided to make a couple of videos to show my current speaking ability in both French and Ukrainian.  I was thinking that making a video would be a great way for me to document how I’m doing now, and give me a way to look back at my progress in a few months.  It’s already been about six months since I started learning Ukrainian (I started on Transparent Language on June 5th), and almost six months with French (I don’t know the exact date that I started with it, but it was on the last week of June that I ran through the Transparent French Quick Start Guide in like two days; I signed up for Duolingo on June 28th).

I attempted to make one video with both languages, but had to split it into two because when I got to the Ukrainian part, I kept saying French words and couldn’t think of the Ukrainian!  So here’s the French one, which was made earlier in the day (if you don’t understand French, you’ll have to turn subtitles on – I didn’t build them into the video):

I realized much later that I completely failed to use the past tense in the French video!  I have no idea how that happened as I’ve been able to use it before without much problem.  Oh well, next time will hopefully be better. 🙂

And here’s the Ukrainian one:

The Ukrainian video is longer, but overall I speak less Ukrainian in it; I fall into English a lot more in it than I did in the French video.  As I say in the video, I find Ukrainian takes much more work; I have a really hard time remembering new words. I’m hoping it’ll get easier as I go, but for now, I find I have to keep reviewing new words a lot (flashcards are definitely my friend!)



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4 responses to “Six Month Language Update!

  1. This is so interesting (and brave:) to hear you speak both the languages you’ve been working on, Shauna. I was especially intrigued by the Ukrainian and how much is sounds like German (at least to my ears).


    • Shauna

      Thank you! Wow, that’s really interesting! What are the similarities that you’re hearing?

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      • It’s not so much in specific words, because I don’t really “know” German except for hearing my grandparents speak and my mother, somewhat haltingly. It’s more the tone or overall sound of the language? I’m sure there’s a more precise word for that…


      • Shauna

        Oh very interesting! I don’t have much experience with hearing German spoken (other than listening to Rammstein, but their songs are much different from some just speaking normally in German!)


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