#WriteTuesday – Big Book Chapter Edit Completed!

I’m so excited – I finished the first rounds of edits on one of the book chapters last night!  This particular chapter has taken almost 20 hours of work to get through, which was crazy (the next biggest time commitment chapter took just over 10).  Part of that was my fault – I did some research to fill out the chapter and make it more readable (it dealt with things that I knew the answers to, or at least where to find the answers).  But now that it’s done, I’m feeling pretty on top of things; it’s now up to the authors to review my suggested edits. 🙂

How’s your week been?  Up to anything exciting? 🙂



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2 responses to “#WriteTuesday – Big Book Chapter Edit Completed!

  1. congrats on editing- that’s no easy task- Happy writting 🙂

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