#WriteTuesday – Not Much to Report

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry I missed posting last week – not that there was much to report. I did more work on the book editing contract, and watched a few of the Disney remakes with friends and family. Then I got sick over this weekend and spent a lot of time resting; I also watched a few movies on my own (which I very rarely do) because I was having a hard time concentrating. But I’m feeling better now, and should be getting back to editing this weekend!

I also went to a Giller bash last night with my mom and brother. I was super fun (thank goodness I was feeling up to attending!) and we’re planning to attend againg next year. 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot – I submitted the Make Your Way story! I’ll let you know when I hear back from them (they said it may take a fair bit of time).

So how’s everything going for you? Have you had a good couple of weeks? Working on anything exciting? 🙂



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4 responses to “#WriteTuesday – Not Much to Report

  1. There’s a lot of sickness going around right now; good that you’re feeling better. I moved into my new apartment over the weekend, which is in my same building but seemed like almost as much work as long-distance! I did manage to write a new installment for my chapter book, since I have my bi-weekly afternoon critique group today. That keeps me on my toes, along with my monthly group for writers of kids books and stories. Good luck on your submission, Shauna!


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