August 2019 What Are You Reading?

This month I beat my Goodreads Reading Challenge! For 2019 I once again decided to read 25 books. In other years I’ve pledged to read more, but I found that got stressful, and I often found myself reading random shorter books to beat the challenge. Pledging to read only 25 books has really taken the pressure off!

So here’s what I read this month:

Nonfiction books:

  • Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life by Melissa Leong
  • “Writing” chapter in The Radio Drama Handbook by Richard J. Hand and Mary Traynor
  • How to Make a Plant Love You: Cultivate Green Space in Your Home and Heart by Summer Rayne Oakes
  • The Automatic Millionaire: A Powerful One-Step Plan to Live and Finish Rich by David Bach (Canadian Edition) – I actually snuck this one onto the list, finishing it at 1:30am last night!

Fiction books:

  • Unquiet Land by Sharon Shinn

I also read 5 copies of The Walleye that I had sitting around. It was good to finally go through them. 🙂

My favourite book was Sharon Shinn‘s Unquiet Land. I really enjoyed her Elemental Blessings series and am rather sad that this was the last one. 😦 I’ll have to give one of her other series a try!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, book 25 was Unquiet Land. 😉

So what have you read over the last month?  What was your favourite book?


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