#WriteTuesday – Happy Canada Day!

I know, Canada Day was yesterday.  But I enjoyed a great long weekend doing as little as possible.  On Friday I felt so worn out, and I was glad to make as few plans as I could so I could stay home and enjoy my time with Merlin.  I played waaay too much Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (love that game!) and I read Sharon Shinn’s Royal Airs.  All in all, a very good weekend.

I made the decision on Saturday that rather than rush to get something ready for Sustainably North yesterday, I took the week off from the blog as well.

I’ve also decided that from here on I’m going to alternate from week to week between working on Sustainably North and working on one of the other projects I want to get done.  As I mentioned last week, Sustainably North has kind of taken up more of my time (and headspace) than I thought it would and I really need to get some work done on other things, too.  So this week I’ll be working on Sustainably North (since I don’t actually have the next few posts written 😅 ) and the following week will be editing the story for the Make Your Way anthology. 🙂

I’ve been struggling a bit with coming up with Sustainably North topics for the summer.  I had one month’s worth but couldn’t decide on the second one (and since July has an extra Monday, I also had a hard time deciding on what that extra post should be).  I solved the latter problem by taking the weekend off from the blog.  And because I’ve been struggling through most of June with energy and stuff, I decided to dedicate July to taking care of yourself.  Because it’s so much harder to take care of other things (like making better choices for the environment) when you’re feeling frazzled.  August is going to be dedicated to camping, and September will be looking at the upcoming Canadian election.

Anyway, that’s the plan.  Happy July 4th to all of my American friends! 🙂


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