#WriteTuesday – Where Did the Week Go?

Seriously, I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already!!  The last week has really flown by!

All week I’ve been trying to tackle the plot of the story I’m writing for the Make Your Way anthology, and totally failing. 😦

The problem is that I have a branch early on in the story where the player can choose to go to one of two places.  I know what happens if you choose the one place, and how it leads to the end.  But I can’t quite wrap my head around the second place and how it leads to the end.  What I’m very roughly trying to do is give some choices, but get everything back to the basic same ending, like so:

demonstration of my branching path

This is a very rough outline of how I’m trying to funnel the story to the ending.  I’m hoping the actual branches will be a little more complex than this (and they will lead to a few different endings, not just the one like I’ve shown here).

I want to funnel the story to the same rough ending place to keep it from ballooning out of control since it is supposed to be a short story, not a full game book.  But at the same time I want to have some choice so the player might play through it again at a later date and get a somewhat different experience.

So for this week I’m going to continue trying to tackle the plot and hopefully actually get back to writing the story!  I know I’m running out of time to get this story done this year (2019 is only 2 weeks away!) but I’m going to try because ideally I’d like to be working on something else at the beginning of 2019. Wish me luck!


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