Website Updated!

Today I updated my website. The website was long-overdue for an overhaul; I don’t believe I’ve made any major changes to it since the last update in 2012. I have made some minor edits here and there, but they were all really piecemeal. I also wasn’t very happy with a lot of the pages on it, but other than vaguely thinking “I needed to change these,” I wasn’t really sure what to do.

Updating the site took me most of the afternoon, and a few hours this evening (interrupted by watching my first city council meeting via a live-stream). Here are the changes I made:

  • Updated my bio on the About page
  • Renamed the Articles page Nonfiction
  • Rewrote the information on the Nonfiction page – it’s now much shorter (and far more concise)
  • Changed Other Writing to Blogs
  • Rewrote the information on the Blogs page (again, making it more concise)
  • Rewrote the Home page (it now has a shorter bio about me on it)
  • Deleted a whole bunch of unused pages on the back end of the site (there were seriously like 10!)
  • Changed the banner picture (it’s now the dragons my friend Austin Alander made for me many years ago – he made it using concept art for a game we were working on together at the time)
  • Minor updates on the Games page
  • Changed out the pictures I had of myself for a new one I took yesterday

I’m much happier with how the site looks now. 🙂



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