Transforming My Space to Make it More Writer Friendly

I love my apartment.  I have since I first saw the place, and knew I wanted to move in.  The only issue with it is that it is tiny.  I’ve been using my kitchen table as my writing space since moving in (and also the living room + lap desk setup I have).  But neither of them are quite right.

So earlier this week, I bought a rug.

kitchen with new rug

The rug was step one to make the space more comfortable for writing.  Step two was to bring my office chair here.  It’s been stored at my parents’ place since I moved in because I didn’t think I had enough room for it here.  But my kitchen chairs are too low for regular writing – the angle hurts my wrists after awhile.  So after researching chair storage solutions, and talking things over with my dad, we hit on the solution: move one of the kitchen chairs out, and just have the office chair at the table all the time.  The office chair is higher, so my wrists are at a better angle now – I wish I had thought of this waaay sooner!!!

So now, I’m in the process of bringing more office things from my parents’ place.  I brought a load of writing books and other things here today.

boxes of stuff

My dad is going to help me bring a shelf over tomorrow, which is where a lot of this stuff is going to live.  This is also a great opportunity to go through the writing books I own and purge some things.  I already went through some old magazines, recycling most of them.  I think the books will be a bit harder because it’s a bit tough to tell what will be a good reference to keep.  Wish me luck over the next while!!!


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