Write Sunday – February 5th

Life is busy.  That’s an extreme understatement.  Over the last sevenish months I haven’t been making any time for writing, which was extremely unfortunate.  So as my added fourth goal for 2017, I vowed to spend one hour a week on writing.  I didn’t do so well through January (I wrote a little bit here and there near the end of the month, plus built that chatbot, which took quite a bit of writing initially).  But it’s the beginning of a new month, which means time for a new start.

I started out by writing down an idea I had for a 10 minute play.  There’s a theater event called 10×10 here in Thunder Bay which I went to a writing workshop for back in 2015.  I didn’t submit anything that year (I was dealing with sorting out my NaNoWriMo blob around that time) and hadn’t really thought much about it since then.  But then I had a random idea from work that I wanted to get onto paper.  It’s way too late to work on anything for this year (the deadline was back in January), but maybe I’ll get this into shape in time to submit it for next year.  We’ll see!  It will definitely need a lot of work (and an ending!)

After that, I also finally tweaked my Imezza and Faeriia docs to reflect the work I did on Imezzan magic back in December.  Faeriia was an easy edit – the magic on that world will not use the basic elements at all now so I just had to take any reference to that idea out.  Imezzan magic is going to be the one dealing with the elements now because it’s way more appropriate there.

I have to say, I’m very happy to have taken the time to do this writing, even though it’s really not a whole lot.

I think my next project is to work on a short story.  There’s a local writing contest coming up that I would like to enter.  And that would go hand in hand with my goal to write some polished short stories this year!



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6 responses to “Write Sunday – February 5th

  1. All the best this month. It is hard to get it all done.


    • Shauna

      Thank you! How have you been? 🙂

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      • Doing better. Holding steady. How about you?


      • Shauna

        I’ve been ok, but very busy unfortunately (as you can tell by me failing to answer you before now) 😦 But I’m planning on making very little plans next weekend to hang around and hopefully do some of the things I haven’t had time for (like uploading pictures from the last four months onto Flickr!) I’m really looking forward to it. 🙂

        Loved the Easter craft ideas btw! 🙂

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      • Thank you. There is always so much to do and it seems we are always playing catch-up. Don’t worry about taking time to answer or feeling like you must answer. I understand it. I did Flickr at one time then something had to go. If only there was more hours in a day.


      • Shauna

        So true! I love Flickr and miss it in many ways, but time has been at such a premium lately. 😦


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