Long Overdue Update

Oh geeze.  It’s been way longer than I thought it would be before I got back to here.  I actually started writing this at the end of September, but somehow managed to completely forget about it.  My bad!  😦

I hope everyone had a great summer and fall.  I did, but everything has been super busy!  I’ve had a few bumps along the way, but my new radio show is going rather well. I was speaking too fast for the first few episodes, so now I’m really going out of my way to speak slower.  I also had a minor issue with editing my voice for the prerecords, but *hopefully* that’s been dealt with.  You can catch all the episodes that have aired so far on the CILU Podcast Directory.

The one thing my summer and fall both lacked were me getting to work on my personal projects.  I haven’t really written anything. Well, that’s a bit of a lie.  I’ve written work things for work, like this article on hub:north, the new small business zone at the Thunder Bay Public Library, another article in the Thunder Bay Seniors paper, and a couple of book reviews (including one in the November Walleye!)  I’ve also interviewed quite a few authors.  Since the Emma Hooper interview, I interviewed Amy Jones in September (she’s the author of the book chosen for TBPL’s first One Book, One Community event), then the three authors who were here for this year’s International Festival of Authors (IFOA), Andy McGuire, Cordelia Strube, and Karen Connelly (Amy Jones participated in the IFOA too, but I didn’t interview her again).

I was planning on editing some short stories about a month ago.  I printed them out…and then they’ve sat on either my table or in a pile off of my table.  I was really hoping to do something with them, but life has been so busy and I keep failing to make time for them.  I’d like to say I’m going to immediately change that, but most likely I won’t.  Right now I’m trying to get tons of stuff out of the way before Christmas (like prerecording some Hyperspace Jukebox shows…).  So *hopefully* I’ll be able to work on other things once all of this craziness dies down a bit.

I don’t know if you’ll be hearing much from me over the next little while.  But there is an upcoming author interview (that’ll be posted on TBPL Off the Shelf on Dec 7) and another book review that’ll be published in the December Walleye that I will share.  Also, be sure to tune into the December Hyperspace Jukebox shows – December 14th will be my fave songs from the summer, December 21st will be a Holiday show, and December 28th will be my fave songs from the fall.  You can listen live at luradio.ca/listen (Wednesdays 11am-noon) or catch the podcasts after the fact.


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