#WriteFriday – May 13th

I was going to spend the afternoon reading, but realized it’s been about three weeks since I posted a writing update and about five to six months since I actually wrote on a Friday.  I have about an hour, so why not write?

I haven’t been actively working on anything in awhile.  Of course I still have Tears of the King on the go.  But I’ve also got to finish editing and organizing my notes on Faeriia from the NaNoWriMo blob.  So that’s what I decided to work on today.  And I’m writing to the music of Cool Spot (for about twenty minutes anyway) and after that Castle Crashers (but only about thirty minutes worth).

I managed to get through three pages worth of notes during that hour (and found one page that should have been counted off the total back in March), leaving me with only 12 pages of stuff left to go!  It felt good to revisit this world after all this time.  And even better to get back to #WriteFridays! 🙂



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