Introducing Tuesday Talks

I came across the blog Nya Reads the other day, which recently started having a feature called “Tuesday Talks.”  “Tuesday Talks” were started on Goodreads by Janine.  In the Goodreads Group, people decide on a topic for a week, then members discuss their view (often on their blogs or elsewhere, which they then share a link to).  I like the sounds of “Tuesday Talks,” so I joined the group.

But rather than strictly following the group’s topics, I decided I’m going to talk about whatever I feel like talking about on Tuesdays.  My plan is to just write some weekly personal essays and see how that goes.  So if the topic the Goodreads group has chosen appeals to me, I’ll write a response here.  But if not, I’m going to talk about something else (most likely a writing, book, or video game related thing) here instead.    🙂


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