Two Witches

I don’t know why, but for some reason I keep having two witches pop up when I’m play testing Tears of the King!

Two Witches

To solve a stupid problem I had with Tears of the King, I ended up making the witch into two separate events.  The original event (which worked fine) had her moving out of the way of the hallway, letting you go and grab something from the chest in her room.  The problem was that one time she moved over and I accidentally exited the house.  But then when I walked back in, she was standing in the way again and wouldn’t move because that part of the event was done; I wasn’t able to get to the chest.  The same thing happened with my woodcutter (it’s this video if you don’t remember); he moved out of the way but when I went into the forest and came back out, he was standing in the way.  So like with the woodcutter, I split the witch event into two.  The first event walks over to the second event, there’s a bit of overlap when they’re both standing there (you can’t see it because they’re in the same pose), then the first event disappears and the second one takes over.  But for some reason the second event shows up before it should!  The weird thing is that it’s not happening all the time.  Every time I think I have it fixed, the second witch pops up again.  Currently she isn’t popping up, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that I’ve solved the issue!


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