Writing Update – February 13th

Considering I’m not currently writing on a specific day, I’ve started calling these posts just “Writing Update.”  It may not sound as good but it’s a bit more accurate!

This week has been mainly devoted to work writing.  As I mentioned last week, I get to go on a work trip at the end of the month.  So I’m trying to make sure I’m on top of all the articles I write for work.  Earlier this week I submitted a book review which should be in the local paper on the 21st (although the paper sometimes holds it for the following week, so we’ll see).  I’ve also almost finished an @ Your Library article for March 6th, which is going to give a rundown of all the March Break programs happening at the library.  I’m planning on writing a few book reviews for TBPL Off the Shelf as well (specifically for books to go with some of the authors I’ve interviewed, like February’s Pamela Dean).  So that should keep me busy at work for the immediate future (while I’m also working on the next interview, too!)

So what about personal projects?  This week was bad – I didn’t have any time for any of them.  (I actually had someone ask me if I’ve done any more work on Tears of the King and unfortunately had to say no).  😦 Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in either game development or untangling the NaNoWriMo blob this week!


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