#WriteSaturday – February 6th

Life continues to be a whirlwind, so I don’t have much writing progress to report at the moment.  I haven’t done any more work on Tears of the King since last week.  What I have been doing is trying to untangle my NaNoWriMo blob.  Thus far I’ve made it through 18 pages; only 68 to go!  Once it’s untangled, my main priority is going to be getting the notes for Faeriia organized in a Google doc.  At this point I’ve been cutting out the Faeriia notes and shoving them into another, more organized document.  So hopefully once everything’s in there it’ll be a lot easier to edit and reorganize everything.

Oh, I got some exciting news earlier this week: I’m going on a work trip at the end of the month for a few days!  Of course, that’s going to make everything all the more hectic as I try to fit in finishing a few work articles and hopefully another interview.

So for the immediate future, I think I’m going to continue trying to untangle the NaNoWriMo blob.  I’m hoping to have the Faeriia notes on Google Drive by the end of the month!


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  1. Shauna

    I’ve now got only 22 pages left to sort through! But once that’s done I’ll have to edit through 27+ pages of notes on Faeriia alone!


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