#WriteSaturday – November 14th

I know, I know, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.  But I didn’t have any time to write on Friday this week, so I ended up writing on Saturday instead.

On Saturday I also went to a NaNoWriMo halfway party!  It was a little early (being the 14th rather than the 15th), but still roughly the middle of the month.  The party took place at one of our libraries.  A few people got together to chat about our progress.   A lot of the stories sound like a lot of fun!  I hope everyone manages to finish them.  🙂

Unfortunately I am still behind on NaNoWriMo.  On Saturday I had 14,438 words written, putting me behind by almost 10,000 words (8,895 behind to be exact).  I wasn’t going to write anything today either, but I got the worldbuilding bug while I was driving and had to get some ideas down.  I’m now up to 17,443 words, which is still behind (I should be at 25,000 words by day 15) but slowly closing the gap (now I’m only 7,557 words behind!)  Other than a brief random idea I wanted to write down for a future possible science fiction story, the entire week’s been spent worldbuilding.  I want to continue with writing the Grief Project, but as of right now I feel like I don’t have the time to be crying.  (On Saturday night I was switching between writing the blob and preparing for a possible interview, so crying while writing really wasn’t a good plan.  Then today I was writing for a bit then needed to switch gears fast for my other job, so again crying while writing wasn’t a good plan).  Hopefully before the end of the month though I’ll be able to get back to it!

In the meantime, like I said: worldbuilding.  I’m still working on Ayvlin’s world (which at this point does not have a proper name).  I wrote down some of the history of the world, which directly tied into the human’s beliefs.  I also hashed out the Fae’s history, which was a lot of fun.  I’ve been leaving comments to myself in the Word document’s margin, but even so it’s getting a bit harder to worldbuild like this – the writing blob is literally a blob of text, so it’s tough to remember what I’ve specifically written about some things.  I wish I had time to lay it out more like my documents for Imezza and City of the Dead.  But that’ll have to wait until after NaNoWriMo is over.

I did run into another problem in the world though: magic.  The fae’s magic is shaping up a little too much like magic in City of the Dead, which is a problem.  So now I’ve got to work through that as well as the whole Fae vs screenplay aliens.  Although at this point I’m sort of thinking that I’ll come back and deal with the screenplay aliens after I have the Fae all worked out.

I also need to go back and figure out how some of the other things that have become part of this world fit.  I had worked out how I could have something demon-like in the world (because the original RPG that involved Ayvlin had another character who was half-demon).  But now the entire history I worked out this weekend did not involve them at all, so I’m going to have to go back and see if/how they’ll fit with the new ideas.

So that’s it for now.  Good luck to everyone else who is participating – there’s still two weeks to go!

Also, apologies to everyone – life is busy and I haven’t had a chance to go and visit anyone else’s blog over the last week.  I will be catching up with everyone hopefully during the next few days!


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