#WriteFriday – October 23rd

So I didn’t think I’d be writing at all today.  Looks like I was wrong though.  🙂

Earlier this week, something super awesome happened: a friend of mine wrote something for Apocalypse Madness!  He’s the first person other than me to write something on there since February!

Of course, when I saw his story and all the comments he made on the site, it reminded me that I need to get going on my story for this month, too.  The quote I posted was from the Dr. Who episode Blink: “Their greatest asset is their greatest curse. They can never be seen.”   I don’t know what I was thinking of when I chose that quote, but looking at it a few days ago, I was like “what the heck am I going to write for THAT?”  Of course, I’ve thought that for the last several quotes and always managed to write something; I wasn’t really worried.

I thought I could approach the quote in one of two ways (or three if I felt like writing a Dr. Who fan fic): look for something that is a double-edged sword, or look for something that cannot be seen.  Having written about ghosts and stuff for several Apocalypse Madness stories, I decided to look for the double-edged sword.  And after scribbling in my notebook for a bit, surfing the net looking for examples of double-edged sword powers, and listening to the Castle Crashers soundtrack (because the music is awesome and I like writing to music with no lyrics) I suddenly remembered I created a character many years ago who HAD a double-edged sword-style power: Ayvlin De Morr.  Ayvlin was a character I created for a roleplaying game several years ago who I thought had an amazing story.  She’s one of those characters who I would love to write more about; unfortunately I’ve always thought that would mean creating a different world for her than the one we roleplayed in.  I did write this one short story about her years ago though, called “The Death of Ayvlin.”  That old story has the seeds of her double-edged sword power: in later incarnations, when she dies she loses a piece of her humanity.  Eventually she will become fully fae.  That sounds amazing, except that it is only her human blood that will allow her to get close to and kill the fae’s greatest foe.  And of course she’s an assassin – her mother is the Morrigan, so I used the aspect of death as a basis for Ayvlin’s character.

So all of this is the backstory to go with the story I am planning on writing.  I just need to hammer out some more details first over the next few days.  Whatever story I end up with will probably be an exploratory piece, rather like “When Sorry Isn’t Good Enough” (which you can read here).  But it’ll still be valuable to write. 🙂


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