No #WriteFriday on October 16th

So once again there was no #WriteFriday this week.  I worked during the day on Friday, then went Halloween shopping with a friend.  I was planning on writing for a bit on Saturday, but I worked all day (which included coming home and doing more work, just for my other job).

On the other hand, the Canadian Federal Election is now over (to a rather stunning turn of events – no one was expecting the red wave we ended up with).  I’m really glad it’s finally over – I feel like all I’ve been doing in my free time for the last few weeks has been reading up about or talking about politics.  Most likely I will have another week or two where I won’t be doing much writing (for reasons unrelated to politics), but I should be able to get back into things by November.

But I did go to a writing workshop today, which was the first writing event I’ve been to in a long time.  Plus tomorrow morning another author interview will be going live on TBPL Off the Shelf.  That’s going to be the 23rd one!  🙂  So while I may not be actively working on much at the moment, I still have writing things happening in my life.

Oh yeah, and in other news, a friend of mine wrote a story for Apocalypse Madness!


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