No #WriteFriday During Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was a long weekend here in Canada (so Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!)  Friday was also my grandparents’ 67th Anniversary, and Green Party leader Elizabeth May was in town, so it really wasn’t a good day for writing.


The Canadian Federal Election is next week and I’m running out of time to make my decision on how to vote this time (which is kind of funny considering this is one of the longest elections ever).  So I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to read through all the Macleans Magazines I have (thanks to my brother) and watch some Leader and Local Debates in the hopes of being as informed as I can be before voting day.  So there is a chance that this coming Friday will not be spent writing either (but we’ll see how things are going by then).

Other than eat good food with friends and family, over the weekend I also had two articles published in the local paper.  One was a TBPL @ Your Library (formerly Library Detective) on an upcoming Lecture that will be held at one of the branches about the discovery of Otzi the Iceman.  The article was supposed to be published last weekend, but there was a mix-up (that’s why it appeared on their blog last weekend).  You can read that article here.  The other one was a book review on Sharon Shinn’s Troubled Waters.  It’s going to be on TBPL Off the Shelf at some point; I’ll post the link when it is live.


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