#WriteFriday – September 25th

I wasn’t feeling well this week, which put me behind on a lot of things.  I spent the earlier part of the week just trying to get better because I knew I was busy during the later part of the week; this ended up meaning I didn’t do any writing on Friday.  I didn’t do any today either, even though I planned on it.  Instead I ended up doing some yard work and whatnot (I needed some leaves for my composter and my cat really, really wanted to go outside).

But I am feeling better.  Plus it’s the end of the month in a few days, which means I’ve got to get working on a story for Apocalypse Madness.  So I found a quote for next month, and now have a couple of days to finish something for this month.  Wish me luck!


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  1. Shauna

    I actually just set up the November Apocalypse Madness quote, too. So that means all the quotes for the rest of the year are now scheduled! 🙂


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