#WriteFriday – September 11th

I’m being pulled in many different directions right now, which is making it hard to work on writing.  That’s actually a large part of why I decided not to write anything last weekend.  It was a long weekend, and rather than write I spent the time getting caught up on some things around the house I’ve been putting off.  Like uploading all the pictures I’ve taken this summer to Flickr (I really didn’t think I had taken that many…)

When this weekend rolled around, it became another really busy one.  But that’s okay: I still managed to fit in a bit of writing yesterday.  Well, “writing” is a bit of a stretch; “planning” might be a bit more accurate.  On August 23rd, I shared the map I had finished for Tears of the King, which link the town you’ll start in with the witch’s house map.  There’s one more map that I made prior to Spring 2013 which I have called the Fairy Grove.  Here’s the Fairy Grove scaled at 1:2 (it was slightly too long to fit in one screenshot at 1:1):

Fairy Grove

I’ve always loved this map.  It seems like a really nice and peaceful place, with little fairies or butterflies flitting around.

So my next challenge is to connect this to the Mountain Forest map.  I was debating between making a big map that’s a maze or making a bunch of smaller maps that you have to puzzle through (kind of like the Haunted Forest from Secret of Mana).  At this point I’m swaying towards making a maze; I plotted out a path with the intent of starting to make the actual map soon.  But the more that I think of it, I may switch and go with the smaller maps, just to change things up, especially since I’ve got the Mountain Forest right beside what will be the Fairy Forest.  And where else in this game would I be able to make a series of smaller maps that are a puzzle?  At this point in development, I’m thinking no where!

Thinking of Secret of Mana, I bought a Wii earlier this week just to get access to the Wii Store and older games like Secret of Mana.  I’ve played some of it in the past, but was never able to finish it.  When I get home later tonight, I’m going to restart it. 🙂


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