#WriteFriday – August 7th

Holy crap – it’s Friday and I am actually writing!  I feel like I’ve barely done any writing, particularly on a Friday, all summer long.  Life has been extremely busy (in a good way).  Last weekend I didn’t end up doing any writing while out at camp.  But I read Howl’s Moving Castle, (which was an extremely good book!) making the weekend fun and relaxing (if not exactly productive, but that’s okay)!

This week was also busy because I started a temporary job at my work.  For the next few months I have a few more hours, plus an actual schedule!  It’s going to be really nice not being on call for a few months (and to have most weekends off!)

In the middle of all this, though, I’m honestly missing having writing time.  So even though I had some things I wanted to do around here first, I decided to compromise and do some of the housework, then switching gears over to writing for at least a few hours.  So with that in mind, I’m first planning on going over my various notes for my StoryNexus game.  I want to see what I’ve got so far because in all honesty, it’s been awhile since I’ve really looked through everything and I need to give myself a refresher.  Hopefully I can also consolidate everything I’ve written onto my master Google doc.  Unfortunately this also means I need to spend a bit of time tracking down all the loose notes I’ve written randomly over the last month or so.

Once that’s done, I’m not entirely sure what’s next.  I’ve mapped out the island, including the city.  I’ve thought about mapping out the tower, but I don’t think that’s entirely necessary at the moment.  I wanted to build a few more NPC’s for each faction, but I don’t know if I actually NEED them.  So unless something pressing comes up as I read over everything, I think I can move away from the background stuff for a bit and actually start fleshing out the story.  Either that, or do a bit of work on the game design (although I may hold off on that for now…I’d like the story in a bit better shape and also want to play through some more StoryNexus games to see what their ends are like).  Whatever happens, I’m pretty excited to be moving away from all that background work I was doing!


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