#WriteFriday – July 31st

The last few weeks have been really busy and I haven’t done a lot of writing period lately. Last Friday went down the tubes because I attended a funeral. The rest of the weekend was taken up with summertime plans (like swimming and going to a local festival).

This week wasn’t much better. But I did fit in a bit of writing. Unfortunately I didn’t do any work on my game. But I did get my July Apocalypse Madness story written. I wrote it while hanging out in the backyard with my cat. Then last night (after midnight, so it was technically Friday) I typed the story up and edited it. In case you were wondering, it is based off one of the ideas my brother and I came up with a few weeks ago.

This weekend I’m heading out to camp. I’m not sure how much writing I’m going to get done (mainly because I’m planning more on reading), but I will (of course) have my notebook with me. Whatever happens, I am hoping to get back to working on the game next week. 🙂


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