No #WriteFriday June 12th

It’s birthday weekend!  I actually agonized on whether or not to hold to the #WriteFriday tradition, but in the end decided not to: I had too much stuff to do on Friday and chose not to write.

But that was okay, because I made up for it by writing a quick microfiction for Apocalypse Madness today!

I ended up looking through the older quotes, in particular the ones from March-August 2011 which did not have any stories written for them.  I found the June 2011 quote, which was from the Magic card Zombie Scavengers: “Pick a shell upon my shore and put it to your ear. That sound isn’t the sea, but the whispers of the fallen.” Of course, this screamed a City of the Dead story to me; I quickly came up with the idea for “Crushing the Rebellion,” which I do admit is rather similar in ways to last month’s “A Bit of a Waste.”  Even though it’s similar, it’s managed to suggest another story and more characters for the world, which is awesome – that means that City of the Dead has become more of a living setting, similar to Imezza (even though that wasn’t the original goal with it).

That’s all the time I have for writing today though.  I’m hoping that next week I’ll have more time and can get back to working on the StoryNexus Project. 🙂


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