#WriteFriday – May 22nd

I had today off and was thinking of spending it writing.  But then I got a bit busy with yard work and other things, which made it hard to sit down and actually focus on writing (I kept finding myself thinking about other things I need to be doing, like weeding the yard).  But I did eventually sit down and focus for awhile.  So here’s what I did:

First of all, I updated my Google doc for the game with the notes I wrote last week.  That was something I knew I needed to do and seemed like a great way to refresh myself with where I’m at with the worldbuilding.

The next thing I decided to do was start brainstorming a list of ideas for the Always cards.  StoryNexus has two kinds of cards: Always and Sometimes, which are kind of self-explanatory (Always cards are always available.  Sometimes cards are not).  I’ve made the decision that the Always cards are going to be where a lot of the worldbuilding for the game is going to be, and the Sometimes cards are going to be where the story really is.  The Always cards are probably going to get grindy and boring, so I want to make sure I have a good variety of them.  I’m not sure if I’ll stick to this decision as the game gets built, but it gives me something to work with for now.

At that point, I started thinking about the actual town on the island.  I decided to call it Korm just like the island.  I got into some ridiculously specific things that will never show up in the game (I’ve decided roughly how big the island is, roughly how much of the island is inhabited vs how much is farmland, and about how many people live there).  These statistics are all from before the game takes place; as of the time of the game, the population will be skyrocketing because of an influx of people from the mainland.

While I was working on the town, a couple of more ideas for the Always deck popped up, so that was great.

Based off of this, I’m thinking that I’m almost at the point where I can move away from the worldbuilding and actually start game designing (but I’m not quite there yet).  Hopefully that’ll be happening in the next few weeks!


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