150 Posts!

This is my 150th post on An Acquaintance with Letters!  So I wanted to write something a bit different.  I ended up deciding to look back at the history of the blog, to show how it all started and look at how far I’ve come with my writing.

This blog started out as a school project.  I was supposed to blog about literary theory for a class I took in 2009 (during my Masters of English).  Hilariously, three of my posts from the early days are still really popular, making the top five blog post list that WordPress sends out to me every year.  Those three are The Meaning of Bottom Feeder, Googling Psychoanalysis, and Discrimination in Stanley Fish’s Homo Seriosus and Homo Rhetoricus Argument, which have all been on the top five list since 2012.  Although I’m honestly glad to see that slowly that list has had more writing related posts nabbing spots on it and less of this early stuff!  In 2012 it was all school posts.  In 2013 one writing post made it (The Map That Started It All), and in 2014 it was two (My Author Quest Entry and 91 Word Memoir Contest 2014).  It’ll be interesting to see if these three continue to make that list in the years to come, or if they’ll finally be replaced by my more modern posts.

When the class was over, it seemed like a waste to abandon the blog, particularly since I liked the name.  I didn’t make that decision right away; it was in 2011 when I discovered Speak Out with Your Geek Out, that I thought this blog was the perfect place to write a few essays for that.  It was that same year that I went to GDC Online for the first time, and later participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time as well.  So I started chronicling all of my writing adventures, including some highlights from my work writing (mostly a blurb here and there about a Library Detective article, but over the last year I’ve also started linking to the author interviews I’ve done for TBPL Off the Shelf).

Last year was my biggest year blogging, in which I wrote 34 new blog posts.  A good chunk of these were referring to work writing, although they also included some of my worldbuilding of Imezza, the sea world that I wanted to base some short stories in, as well as some other random stuff like my brother’s book.

This year is shaping up to be even bigger than 2014!  Thanks mainly to the #WriteFridays, which started in February, for the first time since the early school days of An Acquaintance with Letters, I’ve been blogging at least once a week.  This post is already my 23rd of the year!

So what’s next for An Acquaintance with Letters?  I’m hoping to continue keeping a record of what I’m writing.  I know that at this point, things have remained rather vague.  But as my projects, particularly the still untitled StoryNexus project, become more fleshed out, I’m also hoping to share more details about them, providing links and more background details for them (like character bios and the like).  I realize this won’t be possible with everything, but I will be sharing what I can.

So here’s to the first 150 posts!  I hope to see you in another 150 and beyond!


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