#WriteFriday – May 8th

Once again, I didn’t have a lot of writing time this Friday.  I worked all day, then ran off to a friend’s house to hang out.  But our plan was to watch some Dr. Who, so it was the perfect opportunity to bring a notebook and start mapping out the island for my untitled StoryNexus game.  As I mentioned last time, I enjoy drawing maps.  And while I admittedly didn’t get a whole lot done, a few of the details that I did decide on have given me something to work with when I actually start building the game.

I’ve known for a while now that the setting for this game is going to be an island.  I chose an island because I don’t want to use the actual City of the Dead.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but the main setting is basically a decayed Mega City.  I did a bit of research on them a few months ago when I started wondering how and where such a setting gets its food.  I believe it was Trantor, Isaac Asimov’s Mega City, that brought in food from thousands of colony worlds.  Rather than using colony worlds, I thought City of the Dead would rely on colony islands (and I know, that basically means it’s not really a Mega City per se, but I didn’t want the setting to be a galactic power).

So anyway, the game will be set on an island that’s main purpose is to produce food for the mainland.  For that to work, I’m thinking the majority of land space is devoted to farming or something similar (I honestly don’t quite know what they’re producing here, and hence what the majority of the island should look like).  But I do know that there is a tower of some sort in the centre of the island, overseeing production (in theory).  And docks to ship the food out.  So that’s a start.


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