Today is #WriteFriday!  #WriteFriday was started three weeks ago, on the day I posted my City of the Dead story to Apocalypse Madness.  The idea is that every Friday is supposed to be spent writing (or at the very least, you have to write for an hour, as in the case of last Friday when I worked 9-5).

On the first #WriteFriday, I worked on the Apocalypse Madness story, then ended up starting edits on .  On the second one (Feb 6th), I worked on a first draft of a new short story I’m writing (it’s in a notebook).  Last week I was super tired from working all day, but I managed to plan out a story for this month’s Apocalypse Madness quote.

So this week, I’m hoping to write out the Apocalypse Madness story, and type up the other short story (which will mean doing some edits on it). 🙂



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3 responses to “#WriteFriday

  1. Shauna

    As an added bonus to today, I decided on some naming conventions for use on Imezza! 🙂


  2. The writing discipline is so important. Anything that helps with that is Good.


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