A City of the Dead Short Story

I’m excited to say that I wrote a short story set in my City of the Dead world!  It’s posted as my entry for Apocalypse Madness this month.

City of the Dead was originally envisioned to be the setting for my Storynexus project.  The Storynexus project hasn’t happened, but I’ve kept thinking about that world, particularly while playing on Pinterest.  So while thinking about what to write for this month’s quote, the idea of setting something in City of the Dead seemed perfect, especially since it is the setting I’ve had on my mind lately.

The story I wrote is called “When Sorry Isn’t Good Enough.”  I originally wrote the story a few days ago when I couldn’t sleep.  Today I edited it quite a bit, focussing on making the dialogue flow.  It’s only an early draft, not a highly polished piece because it is sort of exploratory, giving me a chance to see how the setting felt.  I was especially interested in seeing what the Vampire Queen might be like (“the queen” in the story because she doesn’t have a proper name yet).  She’s an essential piece of the setting, so it was interesting to see how she would react in the story.  The whole piece was a lot of fun to play with – I actually discovered as I was writing that there are mages and a mage council in the setting.  I also ended up with Kai, a character who seems to have a lot of story to him.  So all in all, this was a very productive exercise for me.


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